Shell art and opening a fresh juice bar at Setouchi Art Festival season

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Ogijima Future Education Project is aiming to set a rich education environment for children on Ogijima. We have planned out an activity for Ogijima kids to gather beyond school and nursery school.

This original article was written in Japanese. English translation can be found at the end of the article.

During the spring to summer, several fun projects were organized by parents and kids. This year is the year for Setouchi Art Festival, a triennial of art and Ogijima is one the island that takes place. Ogijima only has around 150 residents and therefore usually very quiet, but during the art festival season many from other countries and other areas of Japan come to see the arts. We wanted the children to experience being part of this season, and created two small projects in Spring.

Juice bar selling FRESH cold drinks

Ogijima was starting to be very hot in daytime and we decided to sell two types of drinks. One is green juice with the ingredients of spinach, pineapple, celery, kiwi and coconut water blended. Other is lemonade. This was made from lemons that were grown in Ogijima that was given from the owner of Onba Factory, who is also an artist living in Ogijima.

Shell art workshop

After a successful sale at the juice bar, we became excited and decided to do another project – shell art workshop. The kids went out to the seaside to collect difference shells of shapes and size. We also prepared paints and brushes for people to come in and freely design their own shell. The kids also painted, which was given freely to the tourist after it ended.